Petting Zoo

“The goats were so cute. I wanted to take them all home!”

Petting Zoo Free with Admission

Animals are part of all our lives and, for some, our families. Our animals convey a peaceful acceptance for everyone. We instill a welcoming environment which allows children to feel comfortable around the animals, in turn establishing a positive bond between the child and the animal. The animals are children-friendly, gentle and love attention. The children also learn facts about the animals first-hand.

We have ponies, lambs, miniature donkeys, chickens, mini cows, pigs, baby doll sheep and goats. They are in excellent health, adapt well in various environments and show wonderful docility. They are a great compliment to the Marana Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival and to your child’s love for all animals.

Come enjoy the animals with the whole family.

Meet the Animals

Our Sheep

Annabelle, Harper, Kendal, Collin, Declan: Annabelle, Harper, Kendal, Collin, Declan are our babydoll sheep which have been part of the petting zoo since Spring 2015. They are a small breed of sheep and won’t get any bigger than this. They are very friendly and you may even see us walking them around the pumpkin patch.


Carly is our sassy mini horse. She likes attention but will not give you the time of day, unless you have treats! Although she is very tiny don’t let that fool you,because she is very fast!


Delilah is one of the newest additions to our petting zoo family. She is very brave, adventurous, and always seems to get into trouble. She thinks she is much bigger than she really is and tries to challenge goats 10 times her size.


Emily joined our family when she was a baby in the summer of 2015. She was a little escape artist from the beginning and always seemed to outsmart us every time we figured out how she was getting out. Two years later she is still one of our favorites, spunky and playful with a baby of her own.


Ernie is a character. He came to stay with us in 2015 from, what we believe, being a backyard pet for his last owner. He thinks that he is a dog and will even try to go for a ride in the truck with you.


Felix is the proud papa to most of our baby goats you will see here at the pumpkin patch. He is very friendly and loves to pretend “wrestle” with our staff.


Marlee was born around Christmas of 2015. Her mother was unable to take care of her so we adopted her into our human family. She was cared for just like a newborn baby and quickly became very spoiled. She now has become acclimated into being a goat but still feels like she needs to go for a car ride every once in a while.


Mimi is one of the kids that was born during our festival this year. She is very pretty and loves people. She may even try to jump on you and sit in your lap.

Regina & Sofie

Regina (brown coat) & Sofie (white coat) are our mini donkeys. They are sisters and can’t stand to be apart. They LOVE people and will follow you around but have been known to steal! Sofie especially loves to try to eat shoes.


Stitch is our friendly little bull that we adopted in 2016. He loves to be scratched on the head and may even try to lick you. When he arrived, he had a terrible eye infection and even after finally getting rid of it, he still has some scarring that we think left him with vision problems.